When we load a crowdfunding exercise on the platform, usually the first two hours is only meant for investor review of the Factsheet. This is to provide investors with ample time to review the loan request so that they may make a good decision on whether to finance it or not.

When the two hour block is up, investors are allowed to pledge their funds on the crowdfunding request. Thereby allowing investors to already have a full understanding of the loan before they even pledge their first cent on the deal.

During this time, there is a mad rush for pledging of funds. Alfred removes all this angst by auto allocating for everyone. If you do not like the loan, you may cancel the auto allocation, removing your involvement in the loan.

You may go to "My Investments" section of the platform and look for the loans that are auto allocated to you. As long as the loan is not fully subscribed or the subscription period expired, you are allowed to cancel the investment.

The cancel button is displayed prominently beside the loan that has been auto allocated to you. Please note that on cancellation, if you wish to still invest in the deal, you have to go through the manual investing process.


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