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How does Alfred Auto Invest work
How does Alfred Auto Invest work
The way the service works is equally as important as the fact it just works
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Alfred Auto Invest works on the following principals:

(i) Auto allocation up to 70% of the loan, Manual investment on 30% remainder of the loan

For every loan request on the platform, we only allow auto allocation up to 70%. We need to provide opportunities to people who wish to invest in a larger sum or have not activated Alfred in time to have a chance at getting involved with the loan request. At this time, we believe 70% auto allocation is suitable for the community.

(ii) Prioritization of investors who invested the least number of times

We also need to give new and non-frequent investors to have an opportunity to have a stake in the loan through auto allocation if they are not available to pledge funds through the manual process. New or non-frequent investors may not be as well versed in the BRDGE platform as our experienced users and hence might need more time or help to get their funds allocated. We call it fair convenience.

(iii) Fair and equal sharing of investment allotment to all investors

Alfred provides the 70% auto allocation to all investors who activated Auto Invest by giving them a fair share in the deal up to their maximum comfort level. If there are many investors who rely on Alfred, sometimes you either get the minimum allocation of $500 or you do not get allocated at all.

(iv) Allocation based on investor preferences

Alfred does not just blindly allocate to its own whims. It observes the rules investors have set out to ensure the allocation is according to what you would have pledged in the first place.

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