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How Long Will My Funds Take To Be Reflected In My Wallet?
How Long Will My Funds Take To Be Reflected In My Wallet?
Why is my deposit not confirmed yet?
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When you are keen to invest in a loan on BRDGE, you will regularly be involved in the action of topping up your account with funds.

When you have made a transfer to our Escrow account, you would submit a transfer slip to us that details the amount transferred and photographic proof of the transfer.

Usually, there would be a short wait involved while we confirm the fund transfer with the OCBC Bank we are working with. BRDGE aims to confirm the deposit as soon as possible but we still need to fall back on our promise of 2 working days.

This is necessary as there may be situations such as the following:

  1. Transfer made using GIRO instead of FAST

  2. Transfer made using a bank account not registered with us

  3. Transfer made using a bank account that is not registered to your name

  4. Transfer made using a joint account where the second joint account holder is unknown to us

  5. Transfer slip with details or proof that does not tally with the real transfer

  6. Transfer slip doesn't show the account number that you transferred from

Therefore, BRDGE seeks your kind understanding while we resolve the issue involved.

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