BRDGE understands that investors may not have the time to visit the platform daily to ensure they are able to get an opportunity to invest in loans or opportunities as and when they are available.

Below, we shall list the steps BRDGE takes to ensure all investors have ample time to review and invest in the loan opportunity.

When a loan request is confirmed, we will send:

  1. An email announcement to all eligible members on the issue dateĀ 

  2. This announcement shall have a 24 hour gap (unless otherwise stated) to allow investors to make arrangements prior to the issue date

During the day of the loan request to be uploaded:

  1. If Alfred Auto Invest is activated, a SMS shall be sent to you to alert you if an investment allocation has been made on your behalf when the loan request is issued onlineĀ 

  2. You may elect to cancel the auto investment if the loan is found to be unsuitable for your liking

  3. The first 2 hours (unless otherwise stated) of uploading the request is for investors to review the Factsheet, also known as the free look period

  4. Allocation from Alfred Auto Invest is made at the start of the free look period so that its users may know quickly if and how much they have been allocated

  5. When the free look period is over, investors will be allowed in invest manually through our traditional Financing button

We hope this is most suitable!

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