BRDGE monitors the repayment behaviour of the businesses as it reflects their willingness to pay. Having said that, we notice that funds owed to investors sometime reach their accounts in dates later than stipulated in the repayment schedule.

When we confirm that the repayment is not a late payment, the delayed return of funds could usually be due to cheque clearing time - sometimes the cheque is delivered to us on the repayment date itself and the cheque can only be cleared by the banks within three to five working days.

On occasion, we do note that the businesses may meet difficulty in repayment due to tight cash flow situations, resulting in delayed payments. BRDGE will review the situation in detail as it could result in late fees.

In general, as part of our goal to promote responsible borrowing, we actively monitor all loans, make reminders on repayments and keep in close contact with the businesses to ensure a open and honest conversation between all parties and stakeholders such as yourself.

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