Please complete the following steps for your top-up before investing.

1) Make your deposit via iBanking to:

Account number: 713-404275-001
Branch code: 713
Bank code: 7339
Bank swift code: OCBCSGSG

2) Submit your top-up request in your BRDGE account.

Attached is the Upload process for your reference.

Kindly login to your BRDGE Account via the Mobile App or the BRDGE website,

Fill up the 'Top-Up Funds' Tab under 'Wallet'.

-Amount transferred
-Image of your Successful Transaction 

Image must show your registered Bank Account Number, and the transaction record you made to BRDGE TECHNOLOGY's Account name.

Click 'Submit' and you are done!

3) Transfer details submitted
A notification email will be delivered to your registered email address confirming you have submitted the top-up request successfully.

There will be a short wait involved while we confirm all fund transfers. This entire process takes between a few hours to 2 working days as we work on a first come first serve basis.

※How Long Will My Funds Take To Be Reflected In My Wallet?

Here are the video guides for your reference:

1. Top-up Guide for DBS/POSB i-Banking users - BRDGE App

2.Top-up Guide for UOB i-Banking users - BRDGE App

3.Top-up Guide for OCBC i-Banking users - BRDGE App

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