Credit Scoring Philosophy
Written by Summer Lee
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BRDGE has formulated a Proprietary Credit Scoring System, which is used to assess and analyze the creditworthiness and risk involved in each company that seeks funding.

In line with BRDGE’s philosophy, the formulation is based on:

1. Due Diligence

2. Repayment Ability

3. Collections

Due Diligence refers to the company profile of the borrower. The 2 main aspects that we look at is a) Litigation Profile and b) Existing Charges.

a. Litigation Profile refers to the borrower’s involvement in any Legal Processes.

b. Existing Charges refers to existing loans backed by assets, from other financiers. Borrowers will be obligated to repay those loans first, before repaying investors of BRDGE. Thus, borrowers with no existing charges are deemed safer.

Repayment Ability comprises of financial figures obtained from company statements, such as:

· Financial Statements

· Bank Statements

· Ageing Report, Contracts or Invoices

Last but not least, Collections comprises a guarantor’s financial profile and credit history.

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